preventative foundation repair

What is Parging?
Parging is the process of applying a protective coat to any masonry or concrete surface. This can be applied to the interior or exterior of the home. The benefit of Parging is the long term protection to the concrete surface, preventing cracks and leaks, as well as adding a custom decorative finish.

Why do I need Parging?

Parging is a preventative as well as reconstructive measure that provides a protective layer over your foundation to protect it from the elements. Over time rain, snow and other weather corrodes and eats away at your foundation. This causes breakage, cracks, and other weaknesses in the Foundation that, if left, can cause long term damage to the foundation.

What is the process for Parging?

When it is determined that Parging is required, we have an extensive process for Parging. All of the previous Parging that has lost its bonding is removed so that the new Parging is applied to a clean surface. When we Parge we use a mixture that contains microfibres that create a strong bond, we also utilize an mesh that reenforces the work that is done.

Like all of our services, Parging comes with a two year warranty.