Brick surface maintenance and repair

What is Brick Pointing?

Brick Pointing is the process of replacing mortar that has become cracked, loose, or has corroded over time and no longer has a strong bind to the bricks. When the mortar becomes weak, the brick surface becomes weak and loses its support strength. It also allows damage to occur to the brick itself, so eventually the bricks will have to be replaced.

Why do I need Brick Pointing?

Brick Pointing is required to reestablish the structural integrity of the bricks once they have been damaged. If the mortar between the bricks becomes damaged or corroded, the structural strength of the wall is impacted and runs the risk of collapsing over time.

What is the process of Brick Pointing?

The process of Brick Pointing involves removing the damaged mortar, and replacing it with fresh mortar. The new mortar can be color matched to the existing work so that there is no difference between the old work and the new.

As with any Parge Plus Service Brick Pointing is covered under a two year warranty.