What is Brick Replacement?

When damage to a brick surface goes past the mortar and impacts the bricks they typically need to be replaced. Individual bricks can be replaced without having to remove or tear down the entire surface of the wall.

Why do I need to Replace my Bricks?

When the bricks begin to corrode, or become cracked or damaged they need to be replaced. The bricks become weak, and can no longer hold the weight of the wall. Over time, the consistency of the bricks can become soft, and pliable. When this happens, the bricks have to be replaced to maintain the structural integrity of the surface.

What is the process for Brick Replacement?

 Bricks can be replaced individually or in groups, replacing them does not require having the entire surface rebuilt. The bricks are matched to the existing bricks used, and the mortar is color matched. Brick work can always be stained to accommodate any specific decorating needs you may have.

As with all Parge Plus Services Brick Replacement comes with a two year warranty.