What is Foundation Repair?

Foundation Repair is the process of repairing cracks interior and exterior, water proofing, and sealing. These repairs are done once damage goes beyond the layer of Parging and has to be repaired deeper within the home. Cracks can be repaired via the interior or exterior of the home, and water proofing is done by digging to the footing of the house and applying the water proofing materials. 

Why do I need Foundation Repair?

Where Parging is a largely preventative service, Foundation Repair is typically required when the damage is already done and impacting your ability to enjoy your home. Any leaking, cracks, or water damage done to your home needs to be repaired as soon as possible. As seasons change, the cracks in your home will begin to expand and contract, moving deeper into the home allowing for more damage such as leaks, and even mold.